WAYMAR Industries

Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic Components and Process Control Solutions


Solutions for Industry

WAYMAR Industries design, automate and sell a wide range

of products and automated solutions for all types of industry:

IBC Mixers, Electric Mixers, Pneumatic Mixers, Air Mixers,
Food Industry Mixers,
Pneumatic Vibrators, Rotary Vibrators, Linear Vibrators,  Turbine Vibrators,
Food Grade Vibrators, Pneumatic knockers,  Pneumatic Rams,  
Magnalube  PTFE  Grease,

Solenoid Plugs, Solenoid Connectors, Hirschmann connectors, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Plugs,                   Hydraulic Solenoid Plugs, Rectified Plugs, AC/DC Converter Plugs,

Pneumatic Cylinders, Shaft Protection Gaitors,
Pneumatic Tubing, Polyurethane Tubing, Spiral Tubing, Self store Tubing, Recoil Tubing
Multicore Pneumatic Tubing, 

Pneumatic Actuators Ball Valves, Wafer and Lug Butterfly Valves, 
Water Valves, Zero Differential Water Valves, Pneumatic Timers,
Push-fit Fittings, Flow regulator Fittings,
Acetyl Couplers and Plugs, JIS Couplers and Plugs,
Stainless Steel Couplers and Plugs .... 

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Pneumatic Products

WAYMAR stocks and can source a wide range of pneumatic products including:

Actuators • Vibrators • Valves • Solenoid connectors • Magnalube Teflon Grease • Shaft Protection Gaitors • Couplers • Fittings • Tubing • and much more.... 

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WAYMAR designs - builds and automates specialist machinery for small to medium industry including: Vibratory systems • Conveying systems • Mixers • Material handling• Specialist automation solutions • and much more...

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Expert Technical Advice

At WAYMAR we have more than 40 years of Pneumatics expertise in New Zealand and International markets.