Stainless Steel Mixing Propellers - PROP

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Material: Stainless Steel

  • Comprehensive range of propellers to suit multiple applications:

  • Blending

  • High shear, Low shear Propellers

  • Small batch Mixing Propellers - for hand-held mixers

  • Axial Flow propellers - blending low to medium viscosity fluids e.g. blending solids suspensions, solids drawn down, heat transfer

  • 2-blade propellers

  • Folding Propellers

  • High Viscosity Propellers Mixed Flow propellers - for circular, axial and radial turbulence e.g. forces solids from the bottom with minimal swirl and vortex

  • Radial Flow Propellers - for low-medium viscosity fluids e.g. liquid-liquid dispersion, gas-liquid dispersions and higher shear and turbulence levels with lower rpm's

  • Turbo Propellers- for low resistance mixing

  • Stainless Steel 316

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